• Nen Ko

    "They have very cute stuff: from paper notebooks, to nightlamps, mugs, jewelry and much more. Some products are also made in Slovenia by Slovenian designers. Great for souvenir or gift shopping."

  • Connie Dalbo

    "I love this store! Staff was friendly and their merchandise delightful"

  • Maja Drnovšek Nayak

    "Babushka is the most beautiful store with hand made and unique stuff in Ljubljana. Place to visit in Ljubljana. Very nice and cute store, where you find gifts for your friends, family and yourself. :)"

  • Tina Ahacic

    "Super cute shop where you can find great things for birthday gifts and at the same time something for yourself. What is more, they promote and support local Slovenian designers which is really awesome. It's hard to walk out of the store and buy nothing because you fall in love with everything the minute you walk in. Also, it is pretty cool that it is a dog friendly store! :D"

  • Noelia Limachi

    "You were too kind to me girls, I was delighted with you, the treatment you gave me was very good, I liked it very much."

  • Manca kovačič

    "A wonderful shop where you can find beautiful gifts for a family member, friends, or yourself:) And there are so many different, unique products from Slovenian designers on offer! The right place for both shopping and relaxation and inspiration. And the saleswomen are super friendly ;)"

  • Suzy Flow

    "The coolest shop in Ljubljana. If you need cute and original gifts, just come to Babuska Boutique, where mini surprises from creators from all over await you :)"

  • Eva P.

    "Cute shop with friendly staff. Very nicely stacked things around the store and in the window. Roomy enough to move around the store."

  • Tamara Zupan

    "Pleasant atmosphere, unique products, friendly saleswomen, the most beautiful shop around."